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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wow...Yeah never thought I'd be doing this again today! What a day I've had! School, Institute hangout, and I was looking forward to Visiting Teaching but they cancelled. Yes they did reschedule for next Wednesday, but still! I enjoyed last nights visiting teaching. Annalisa is my companion... yeah its great cause we already know eachother so well. When I get a new one, its gonna be sad but great that I meet another great person! So an late update on my life for you: I am single once more (Long story guys!), I attend the Singles Ward, I am the ward chorister, on the Cypress Institute Council, and momentarily have to go home! Hahaha... yeah, its Institute Hangout Hour! David Sage, Becki Wert, and Desiree Gahr! Hahaha.. HOMEWARD BOUND!!! I have to make dinner for the Fam... Wwwwooooooooohhhhhoooooo!!!!! Go me!

1 comment:

all you need is love. :D said...

me personally..i'm ready for a long story.

and ps.
im stalking your blog.