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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sorry that it has taken till now to get back but I just came to announce how GREAT the movie Twilight was. Yes, I do admit that there was some parts that were a little ehh... BUT regardless, I still think that the movie is totally awesome! That is all I have to say! Oh yes, and my Thanksgiving was a good one.... thanks for asking! Oh and now I need to catch up on some math! Who Likes Math?? YOU MUST DIE THEN! I shall send the Volturi on you then! Good luck!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its Here!!!!

It's Here... It's Here.... the moment we've all been waiting for! Today is THEE day that the new movie TWILIGHT comes out! I have been waiting anxiously for 2-3 months for this movie! Ive been keeping up with Stephanie Meyer's website, I have pictures on my phone, folders, cork board, I read all 4 books in the month of August.... I am a Twilight Fan! Is it that obvious? I have my ticket now... Mom just went down to the movie theater to pick them up. The lines are gonna be coming soon, we have someone there on watch to let us know what kind of strategy we need to use to get the best seats in the house! We are all sinqronized with countdowns, watches, cell phone numbers, the works! We are a crazy pack of Twilight Fanatics! I can not wait for 12:01 am!

Hello AGAIN!!!

Yeah, Ive been dead for about a week, sorry to the avid blog checkers! I was raised from the dead just like Lazerus so now I should be ok! Haha... so and event happened not to long ago. Two weeks ago, today, my new baby cousin was brought into this world. Not the best of worlds but in the Mormon family world, its the best! Her name is Shae Ashley Talluer. Yes my cousin Gage( theres a picture of him on my blog by the title: Gagerz) has a baby sister. When I was babysitting him the night of Shae's birth, I said to him, "Gage guess what.... You are a big brother. Mom just had your baby sister! Her name is Shae!"... his reaction was soooo cute! He said,"Yeah... Im the big brother! Now I get to help mom pick out pink toys and clothes!"

It was a priceless moment, he had the biggest smile on his face and his voice was an octave higher than normal! He is so excited to be the big brother now! Our little Baby Shae is here to stay! Yay!!! She is adorable!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wow...Yeah never thought I'd be doing this again today! What a day I've had! School, Institute hangout, and I was looking forward to Visiting Teaching but they cancelled. Yes they did reschedule for next Wednesday, but still! I enjoyed last nights visiting teaching. Annalisa is my companion... yeah its great cause we already know eachother so well. When I get a new one, its gonna be sad but great that I meet another great person! So an late update on my life for you: I am single once more (Long story guys!), I attend the Singles Ward, I am the ward chorister, on the Cypress Institute Council, and momentarily have to go home! Hahaha... yeah, its Institute Hangout Hour! David Sage, Becki Wert, and Desiree Gahr! Hahaha.. HOMEWARD BOUND!!! I have to make dinner for the Fam... Wwwwooooooooohhhhhoooooo!!!!! Go me!

Starting Day....

Hello everyone... well those who have come to visit my blog! this is just the beginning for me so yes, it will be a little boring! You know I decided, what the heck... why not start a blog! Facebook isnt much of an efficient way to keeps people posted. And thinking in a future perspective: Where am I going to put wedding picutes, baby picutes, family photos, and much more. On Facebook? I dont think so! So join in in my everyday celebration of life, the little spills I get into, the memories I make everyday, You will basically become a stalker of my life! Are you excited? Oh yeah, I may not be able to keep up on a day to day basis... which defeats the purpose of having a blog, but we do tend to have our daily lives that carry us in a different direction one day or another! Sorry to those who are an everyday blog checker... I know, why does it have to be me to become the FUN-SUCKER right? I wish I knew!!! PEACE!