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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Starting Day....

Hello everyone... well those who have come to visit my blog! this is just the beginning for me so yes, it will be a little boring! You know I decided, what the heck... why not start a blog! Facebook isnt much of an efficient way to keeps people posted. And thinking in a future perspective: Where am I going to put wedding picutes, baby picutes, family photos, and much more. On Facebook? I dont think so! So join in in my everyday celebration of life, the little spills I get into, the memories I make everyday, You will basically become a stalker of my life! Are you excited? Oh yeah, I may not be able to keep up on a day to day basis... which defeats the purpose of having a blog, but we do tend to have our daily lives that carry us in a different direction one day or another! Sorry to those who are an everyday blog checker... I know, why does it have to be me to become the FUN-SUCKER right? I wish I knew!!! PEACE!

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