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Monday, February 23, 2009

She Will AND IS/Be Loved...

It really stinks when you find out some terrible news a day late... its even worse when its almost a week late!!! It sucks when you think that everyone you know is alright... but in return you find out otherwise. I bites when a friend moves away.... It bites you in the behind even harder when they aren't coming back!!!
In Memory of Jennifer Blaylock Carroll (July 16, 1981 - February 18/19 2009)... a friend, a YW leader, former member of Cypress 5th Ward, a huge spaz who loved life and everyone that was in hers.... God Be With You Till We Meet Again!!!
Parting is such sweet sorrow... Goodbye's for only but a small moment, Hello's in the Eternities. As Latter Day Saints, it is a pleasure and joy to know that this life goes beyond the doors of death... FOR TIME AND ALL ETERNITY!!! WE WILL MISS YOU JENN!!! :) See you in "X" amount of years...

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hey..... two days in a row! Just so happens that I have something to type about. So I got an invite to join a group on facebook. You wanna know the group name... Kelly and Ron are Getting Married!!! Yeah, uhh huh! Whatever, though Ron and I had a fling we still are friends. I thought it was weird but I added it anyway. It was nice of Kelly to do that so I guess I'll be getting an invitation in the mail now?!?! Hahaha... if you were wondering if I'm ok with it, I can honestly answer yes! I woke up one morning (it was actually my first day of my second semester of school) feeling so relaxed and new. I also had this overcoming feeling of peace and relief... and right then I knew that I was going to be ok!!! I am totally ok with it.... SCOUTS HONOR!!!! :) Just thought I'd write about it somewhere so I'd be able to refer back! Consider this my journal entry, lol!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It is wednesday... meaning that school is just about done for the week! Yay, I like having school only 4 days a week! Anyway, so i thought that I would at least write something here for today. Its been since January so its time for another month. I figure that if I write at least once or twice a month, that should fill my quota??? What do you think?! Lol, I think it will work for me. Sorry if I do miss a month though. I promise Becca, its not intentional!!! Haha.... here is a lovely quote that someone told me recently!
"When something is taken away from you, you are giving birth to something within... something more profound than you can imagine. This is when you are healing!"

I love that one, don't you??? Ive got another that a friend wrote in my yearbook since 8th grade... Yeah, a consequetive 5 years in a row!
"Do What You Love, and Love What You Do!"
.... those words have been a huge part of my daily life!!! Apply it, and it just might take you some where!