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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hello AGAIN!!!

Yeah, Ive been dead for about a week, sorry to the avid blog checkers! I was raised from the dead just like Lazerus so now I should be ok! Haha... so and event happened not to long ago. Two weeks ago, today, my new baby cousin was brought into this world. Not the best of worlds but in the Mormon family world, its the best! Her name is Shae Ashley Talluer. Yes my cousin Gage( theres a picture of him on my blog by the title: Gagerz) has a baby sister. When I was babysitting him the night of Shae's birth, I said to him, "Gage guess what.... You are a big brother. Mom just had your baby sister! Her name is Shae!"... his reaction was soooo cute! He said,"Yeah... Im the big brother! Now I get to help mom pick out pink toys and clothes!"

It was a priceless moment, he had the biggest smile on his face and his voice was an octave higher than normal! He is so excited to be the big brother now! Our little Baby Shae is here to stay! Yay!!! She is adorable!

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