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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Hey..... two days in a row! Just so happens that I have something to type about. So I got an invite to join a group on facebook. You wanna know the group name... Kelly and Ron are Getting Married!!! Yeah, uhh huh! Whatever, though Ron and I had a fling we still are friends. I thought it was weird but I added it anyway. It was nice of Kelly to do that so I guess I'll be getting an invitation in the mail now?!?! Hahaha... if you were wondering if I'm ok with it, I can honestly answer yes! I woke up one morning (it was actually my first day of my second semester of school) feeling so relaxed and new. I also had this overcoming feeling of peace and relief... and right then I knew that I was going to be ok!!! I am totally ok with it.... SCOUTS HONOR!!!! :) Just thought I'd write about it somewhere so I'd be able to refer back! Consider this my journal entry, lol!!!

1 comment:

The "Street" Clairs said...

That makes me happy, beacuse you deserve to have peace and be happy. I love you and am excited for this new year and adeventures for you.