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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wild Day!!!

A typical morning: Just the usual scripture reading with the family, lay on the couch or bed until mom says,"OK taking the kids to school... bathroom is open!" (translation: "GET INTO THE SHOWER BEFORE I GET BACK!"), shower time, get ready for school(getting dressed, make-up.. kinda optional, hair), put things together so I can walk right out the door, and go! This all happens on a day to day basis, unless its a Tuesday/Thursday... there's a couple of things added cause class doesn't start until 11!
THIS MORNING: being that its Thursday, I had a little more time to get ready! So read some scriptures, wished my bro Happy Birthday, layed down on the couch, got on the computadora to a work invoice, shower, sat on my bedroom floor and put on a movie:TWILIGHT, got ready + watching at the same time, looked for my hair brush for about 10 minutes until deciding to go look in the bathroom... HALLELUJAH it was there, paused the movie(which only had five minutes left) until I just turned it off, grabbed my things and walked out the door! SO.... sounds like a pretty smooth morning huh; Ive got more!
While I'm being spiffy and sporty riding my bike to school, I look ahead and see a car swerving around something. As I mindlessly ride on by, from the corner of my right eye there was this brown figure running my way! Yes it was a dog, and not just any dog... a Pitbull! So it kinda startled me but I held my composer so the dog wouldn't sense my anxiety. It was trying to lick or chew my Rainbows so I slowly made a stop on the side of the road. The dog was extremely playful(which was good) but regardless it was a Pitbull. Sheesh I swear the dog was on something because it would not stay down. It was jumping on me... so I looked it straight in the face and said with a calm but authoritative voice,"DOWN!"
By golly miss molly, the animal listened to me! Great... a strange animal, who just happens to be a Pitbull(known to be freakin bipolar and be mean in a matter of seconds), who listens to a complete stranger signifies that its already gained my trust! So I try to quickly but calmly think of a solution to get this dog to go home or stay put. It starts to walk off and get preoccupied by something else, so my initial response: ride on! Turnout: FAILED.... the dog started following me. Second attempt to get the dog away was pure genius for the moment was to throw magical tasty jelly beans! Yes jelly beans! So second attempt: call the dog, throw the jelly beans, and ride away; Turnout: FAILED... again! That dog kept following me, so I raced down the street in hopes that the dog would give up. I had a good head start so the dog was at least 30 feet behind me, but I knew this dog would not give up so I began to slow down again.
By now I was starting to get annoyed because a dumb dog would not let me go to school in peace! Lol, what a great excuse to get out of a tardy, "I was late because a dog was playing chase the girl on the bike!"
So I finally texted my mom to tell her what was happening but didn't have a response. I just sat there waiting for this dog to just go away, and he did. I watched its every move to see when I could get a clean break and gun it. It just pranced across the street and felt no need to knock on someones front door to say" I'm gonna walk through to your backyard!''. So what did I do.... I began to ride off. I looked back and no dog! Yay scott-free, I thought! I pushed to signal the crosswalk, turn around and see another guy riding his bike.... and in a matter of seconds the dog chasing him. I ride across the street in hopes that he'd follow that guy, but no! He didn't follow the stranger who was a man, he chose to follow the other stranger who was a girl! So the dog followed me from Buena Terra Elementary school all the way across Crescent Avenue.......... that alone officially made him the first animal STALKER!!!!
I stop on the side of the road, get off my bike, and call my mom to tell her. She didn't receive my texts till I was conversing with her on the phone, so she had no idea what mayhem had come my way! So as a waited for my mom to appear, I just looked at the dog, he looking at me... I said under my breath, "STUPID DOG!"
So mom shows up and has no idea what to do, obviously I don't because I ran out of ideas after trying to ride away. So mom tried to call Animal Control but they didn't answer, so she dialed 911. What little did they do; they didn't even respond to my moms words of,"... its a pitbull..." LAME-O's! MENTAL NOTE: NEVER depend on Law Enforcement to save your life from a masochistic dog! So I get into the car while watching my bike and the dog at the same time.... and the dog walks away! As the dog is preoccupied with the entertaining Speech and Developement children(I stopped by a Speech and Developement school), I put my bike in the back of the car. SAVED AT LAST!!! I drove away to see a lady trying to handle the dog....
Moral of the story: MOM IS ALWAYS YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN!!! :)